Room Sprays | Home Fragrances

Apprezzati in tutto il mondo dai principali designer d'interni. I nostri roomspray ONNO sono realizzati con cura da veri artigiani in vetro soffiato a bocca o in una bottiglia riciclabile al 100%. Diffondono un profumo straordinario ed esclusivo in tutta

Room Sprays | Home Fragrances

Fatto a mano & Esclusivo
Torna a casa, fai un respiro profondo, rilassati e goditi i nostri profumi esclusivi.

Enhance your environment with sophisticated home perfumes, infusing your surroundings with the perfect scent and creating an ambiance of refinement. Elevate the air quality with our exceptional tools designed to refresh and invigorate with unparalleled elegance.

Amazing handmade glass by experienced qualified craftsmen or a 100% recyclable bottle. A piece of art in each interior with fascinating luxury perfumes. All perfumes are created by our designer Ilse Vandeputte, who has an inborn passion for scents. With over 25 years of experience in developing room sprays, she is a true 'nose' who uses only the finest high-quality raw materials for which ONNO Collection is praised worldwide.

ONNO Collection Home sprays are high-quality luxury natural aromatic mists made by qualified craftsmen. These exclusive room sprays are carefully packed into luxury black gift boxes to indulge yourself in or as a gift for your dearest.

The 100% recyclable bottle can serve as a refill or just as a Home fragrance spray.